advanced ball tracking technology

Toptracer Range is now available in all of our 16 bay driving range booths. Each bay is fitted with a 21 inch touch screen monitor which captures all shots that are hit on a driving range and provides you with accurate ball flight data and instant tracking statistics.


At the Leicester Golf Centre you can now practice with a purpose. The TOPTRACER technology provides detailed analysis of your accuracy, trajectory, ball speed and distance, and displays the information instantly on an LED screen at each bay. No more guessing at your rate of improvement, look up and its right there before your eyes.


play like a pro

game modes

The Toptracer Range system offers games and shot data modes that allow you to tailor your own range day experience. You can also store your scores and data on the Toptracer network, accessed through the Toptracer Range Community app.​​

no fee for toptracer use

You only pay for the amount of balls needed 

How it works

A range card is simply a top up card with a barcode and unique number. The cards work by loading money onto them at the Greenhouse Cafe and you scan the barcode at the ball machine to purchase your balls.



The range card has four top-up rates assigned to it and depending on how much you load onto to the card results in what extra percentage of balls you receive when you scan your card.

toptracer range

ball prices

premier loyalty card

loyalty recognised

leicester golf centre

around the centre



points game

This is all about accuracy, land close to the targets and rack up some serious points! Play it safe with the nearby targets or go for broke and aim further out. Keep your opponents on their toes by hitting the special bonus rings that re-balance the board in your favour!​

Who can hit the farthest? This game lets Guests settle the argument once and for all by turning the range in a proper long drive grid for up to eight players.

longest drive

what's in the bag

A training assistance tool where you can test the performance of your clubs. Enjoy heat maps of landing positions, as well as side and top view traces. Observe your consistency and unleash your inner golf pro with a detailed list of all your shots!

launch monitor

Training made to hone your skills with targets on the range. Offers data such as distance (carry & total), ball speed, launch angle, height, side deviation, landing angle, hang time and distance to the target.​

closest to pin

Challenge yourself and your friends to see whose swing is the most accurate, with the ultimate goal of a hole-in-one.​

virtual golf

Toptracer Range introduces virtual golf to the range experience. Players now have the opportunity to play 9, 12,18 or more holes on the worlds most iconic courses direct from your bay at Leicester Golf Center Driving Range.​​

£25 top-up

Gives you 20% extra balls 

Saving you £5​

£50 top-up

Gives you 30% extra balls 

Saving you £15​

£100 top-up

gives you 40% extra balls  

Saving you £40

£1000 top-up 

gives you 100% extra balls 

Saving you £1000​



“quick break”



So.. you just want hit a few balls. This buckets just for you!

"good time"



Get the beers in and bring it on!

We also do food you know, take a look at the menu.






Wow... Your serious today. We've got all the refreshments you'll need to keep going.






Is this the biggest bucket we have?  Enough for a Toptracer competition between friends!



Waiter service on the course or range! From soft drinks to sports drinks, coffee, beer, as well as cocktails are all available for your enjoyment. Sandwiches are also served throughout the day!​​

you order, we deliver

The Gallops golf course has been totally renovated. It is now a beautiful but challenging 9 hole woodland gem! You may even be lucky enough to see the amazing wildlife while on the course.

gallops golf course

Our studio is equipped with the latest high speed cameras and 3D Flightscope radar technology. We have a nationwide clientele and welcome anyone who wants to try golf or who wants to improve their game.​

golf lessons

TopTracer App link

Guests can use the Toptracer Range Community App to link their personal profiles to access their entire history of shot data, including specific club performance details, as well as how they rank against other players on leaderboards. The app also features a Toptracer Range locator to easily find your nearest Toptracer Range facility.​

toptracer app



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