custom club fitting

custom club fitting at Leicester golf centre

Nothing builds confidence in your game like knowing you have fitted golf clubs in your hands 

Our aim is to ensure that every area of your bag performs consistently to provide you with the ability to make confident shot making decisions and peace of mind, in the knowledge that not only is there nothing more suited to your game but your equipment will not let you down when it matters.


If you'd like to book an appointment for custom fitting please contact us.

world class facilities

leicester golf centre

improve your game

our fitting service

Leicester Golf Centre invites you to work with our experienced teaching professionals and our state-of-the-art Club Fitting system. We’ll determine what the best models and specifications will produce the optimum results on the golf course for you!​


We operate a 'Try Before You Buy' policy to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.  


We are confident that our full range of custom fitting golf equipment, matched with the correct specification will improve your game.

the technology

your swing is unqiue


To establish a benchmark of your current clubs, your fitter uses launch monitors to measure spin rates, launch angles, carry, total distance, dispersion, and more



Your fitter crunches the numbers and identifies recommended club head & shaft combinations for you to test



With your best head & shaft combination locked in, your fitter hones lofts, lies, shaft length, swing weight and grip to fully optimize your recommendations



If you choose to purchase clubs from us, we'll work directly with the manufacturer who builds them to your exact specifications


  • Greater accuracy

  • Increased distance

  • Better control

  • Improved consistency

  • More confidence

  • Better shot making

  • Lower scoring

  • More enjoyment

delivered to you

Waiter service on the course or range! From soft drinks to sports drinks, coffee, beer, as well as cocktails are all available for your enjoyment. Ssandwiches are also served throughout the day!​​

golf lessons

Now you have your clubs fitted why not boost your potential with world-class instruction designed for your personal success. Find out what our PGA professional coaches can do for you.

gallops golf course

The Gallops golf course has been totally renovated. It is now a beautiful but challenging 9 hole woodland gem! You may even be lucky enough to see the amazing wildlife while on the course.​

the gasp System​

A benefit of utilizing the GASP system is that we can capture your swing, then analyse it and compare you to some of the world's greatest swings. With this analysis we can then create a personal programme that will aid you in reaching your golfing goals.

It makes learning faster... making you a better golfer!


laser guided analysis

Captures every detail of the swing and give an accurate picture of the movement from beginning to end.


Flightscope System​

We use the latest FlightScope technology in out Custom Fitting Centre which is the World's 1st 3D radar ball tracker. We are able to measure everything from ACTUAL Carry, Spin, Launch angle and even Shaft Load.


Environmental Optimizer

Change your environment without changing your location

We can plan and prepare for all weather conditions and landscapes by modifying the environment to understand how climate variables affect your shots.




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